all that we think real may not be real!

the dog thinks that it can eat soap bubble like an apple. but even a small child laughs at it a foolishness. look at this.

insulin pill

The Scientists developed a long-sought insulin pill that could spare millions of diabetics and soughed a way the delivery of insulin therapy from a jab to a pill.

The experiments with rats, the pill lowered blood glucose levels almost as much as injected insulin and the effects of the pill lasted longer than injected insulin.

The body’s digestive enzymes in the body are so good at breaking down food also break down insulin before it can get to work. In addition, insulin does not get easily absorbed through the gut into bloodstream.

To solve these problem researchers from National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) in Punjab combined two approaches to shield insulin from the digestive enzymes and then get it into the blood.

The team of researchers Ashish Kumar Agrawal, Harshad Harde, Kaushik Thanki and Sanyog Jain, packaged insulin in tiny sacs made of lipids or fats called liposome.Then wrapped the liposomes in layers of protective molecules called polyelectrolytes. 
To get absorbed and to transport the layersome across the intestinal wall into the blood stream they attached folic acid and a kind of vitamin B.

This was published in American Chemical Society journal biomacromolecules, Washington.
About Diabetics:
Diabetics also called as diabetic mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar) either because insulin production is inadequate or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin or both.

There are three types of diabetics that is Type1 diabetics, Type2 diabetics and Gestational Diabetes

An estimated 347 million people globally are living with diabetes. Diabetics must test their blood sugar several times and need insulin jabs for the rest of their lives in order to maintain adequate levels of the hormone.
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positive attitude

live example of positive attitude!

The man that you are seeing in the photo below is Rhushi Prasad
assistant professor in mechanical
department in an Engineering college.
 In the year 2010,I had to go  to thatcollege for examination
work My allotment letter had the name of Rhushi Prasad as my co- examiner .I had never met  him before and So  l some how
managed to get his mobile number
Started driving my car to reach that college,but  when  I was half way through I got confused about the  road .So I called him and he said he will come with his car to take me to the college. 

He came in his car and asked me to follow his car. I tried to follow the car in my car but he was driving the car  like a race car driverstarted thinking that he must be a Strong man with good control over his legs, so that he can operate clutch, break and accelerator pedals at high speed to drive the car in such a way!
With difficulty I  followed his car and reached
the college. 
When he got down from  his car, I was Surprised  to see that his right leg was almost inactive! When I enquired about it I came to know the following interesting and heart touching  facts.

He was ( and is!) a fan of car driving 
He is diabetic and few months ago his right leg was cut, probably because of a wrong diagnosis. 
He never lost his enthusiasm.He went for artificial dummy leg and he practiced walking for 2 months .
But it was impossible to drive the car
with that artificial leg. But  his zeal  for driving  car never stopped . With his mechanical engineering Knowledge, he modified his car such  that  the
break was operated  by left hand  as shown in Fig the accelerator was modified  like a motor bike and that also is   the work of left hand! Right hand is used only for steering the car! 
Break pedal is operated by the lever by left hand.

Accelerator is modified like a 2 wheeler, rotating type, operated by left hand and wrist
I  was almost in tears but  he showed all these things to me with a smile on his face as if nothing had happened! 
He was doing PhD in the field of solar energy and was about to get his doctorate in about six months. He is very active in arranging seminarsexhibitions etc in his college.
Photo here shows his involvement in conducting solar energy awareness seminar cum exhibition in the college.
We will make a big issue when we get a Small Scratch on our skin or dent on our vehicle but real achievers will steer through the difficulties and reach the goal without caring for losses! THIS IS THE REAL POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

Reduce your FAT stomach by these simple exercises!

We can reduce our fat belly by doing these simple exercises. 
In the morning, drink little water,  and take rest for 10 minutes.
Do the exercise -1 as shown below,for about 25 times. take 10 minutes rest.

Do the exercise -2 as shown below,for about 25 times. take 10 minutes rest.

It is  more effective if you do it slowly, with out any cramping of muscles.

What a co incidence!

Can we think of religion less GOD?

All religions are having a common goal.
So many common things will be found in all the religions.
But most of us are not seeing the common things but we are seeing only the differences!
This is the reason why lots of quarrels and misunderstandings are there.
Religion is a way of worshiping God.
God is beyond religion.
So, we can think of a God without religion .
If we are concentrating on religion and not God, there is no point in following it!
So, we can start thinking of common good things of all religions, then it will solve many of the problem.
Think about it!

Beauty is in the EYE

Here, I am telling about pigeons. In my visit to Goa,
I have captured photos of some pigeons.
The shining neck portion and
the eye are attractive parts of the pigeon.
These are always active and will be collecting food.
Their food is mainly seeds and small fruits.
Their style of walking is good to watch.
They are less fear full to humans and are easily domesticated
. Since they reproduce throughout the year,
they are very active always and quickly reproduce.
The only negative point is that they are
now known to spread disease
like bird flu, H1N1 and so on.
We should be care full about this aspect.

Seashell art

I saw so many seashell art and crafts near Goa city.
I was impressed by the hard work they are putting in for doing all these things.
Starting from picking them from the beach sand their work is not so easy.
They have to sort good once and arrange them in different varieties.
Then the sorting will be for different sizes.
These are simply arranged in different ways to sell them.
Some are simply painted, some are little modified.
These things are used for fun and also for religious purposes. 
The small once are made as garlands by using threads.
Some are so small that it requires them to be kept in between big once.
It requires too much of effort.
I was impressed by a globe made by sea shells.
It is a fine art.

all the above photos were taken by me.


If we write 2+2=5 in a place where no one can read and write, even then we are wrong.

What i mean is that we should not do some wrong thing knowingly,
weather the public is aware or acknowledge it!
It is because we will be knowing that we are wrong.
That actually amounts to a kind of cheating.
it makes us to feel guilty and value less.
When we make a mistake with out our knowledge,
it is excusable.

Perfection is a direction but not a goal, But
every correct thing will one day or the other , help the public and
similarly , the mistake will harm the public some day.

DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499

  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • DataWind has announced new additions to its PocketSurfer range which includes what it calls the world's cheapest smartphone with a 5-inch screen.
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • The Rs 3,499 DataWind PocketSurfer 5X has a 5-inch WQVGA (480x240 pixels) screen and runs on Linux OS.
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • The dual-SIM PocketSurfer 5X has a Cortex A8 - 1Ghz CPU and a front VGA camera.
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • With a Rs 4,999 price tag, the PocketSurfer 5 includes a higher resolution 5-inch WVGA (800x480 pixels) screen and operates on Android 4.0.
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • The dual-SIM DataWind PocketSurfer 5 is powered by a Cortex A9 1 Ghz processor. Phone 5 has a front VGA and a rear 2 megapixel camera.
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • At Rs 6499 the DataWind PocketSurfer 3G5 is the most-expensive phone in the PocketSurfer series. This 3G phone runs on Android 4.0 and has a 5-inch WVGA (800x480 pixels) screen.
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • The PocketSurfer 3G5 has a VGA front camera and a 5 megapixel rear camera. The dual-SIM phone is powered by dual-core Cortex A7 1.2 Ghz CPU.
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • All the three phones come with a microSD slot, but the specifications released by DataWind do not mention anything about internal storage or RAM.

  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499
  • DataWind's PocketSurfer: 5-inch smartphones starting at Rs 3,499

Growing Minds: Tea Vs. Coffee

Growing Minds: Tea Vs. Coffee

New diagnostic tool for rare diabetics form could cut insulin dependence

TNN Dec 13, 2013, 07.30AM IST
CHENNAI: Around 5% of those with diabetes who are on insulin may not have to take recourse to the needle anymore, with a new genetic diagnostic method on the block.
A month after Christian Medical College, Vellore, announced new insights into the diagnosis of a less recognised problem in diabetes — Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young (Mody) — doctors at Madras Diabetes Research Foundation have gone a step further by introducing tests that would detect defective genes that cause the disorder.
"Mody is a non-insulin dependent Type-2 diabetes, which usually occurs below 25 years of age. Since Type 1 diabetes also occurs for those below 25 years, many patients with Mody are wrongly diagnosed and unnecessarily put on insulin for life," said Dr V Mohan of the foundation on Thursday to launch the genetic tests at his centre.
According to diabetologists, Mody, an inherited form of diabetes, make up as much as 5% of presumed type 1 and type 2 diabetes cases in a large population. They say using next generation DNA sequencing technology, 13 genes that are responsible for causing different types of Mody can be found.
"In the traditional method, we had to send patients for different tests to identify each of the13 genetic defects that are found to cause Mody. With this new technology, all the tests can by done together," said Dr R M Anjana, joint managing director of Mohan's Diabetes Centre.
"It is important to differentiate types of diabetes as treatment methods differ. Patients found to have Mody 1 and 3 need to take only oral tablets and there is no need for insulin. Some patients with Mody 2 may not even need medical treatment if they learn to manage their diet and exercise," she said.
Unlike other forms of diabetes, Mody is not related to obesity and, in some forms, the blood sugar problems are so mild that is escapes diagnosis. "This makes genetic testing even more important for this form of diabetes. It won't just help the patient, but it will prompt screening of relatives and helps identify other cases in the family," she said.
The new technology also works out cheaper than the tradition method. Studying three genes cost around Rs 50,000 and at least 35 to 40 days per patient. But using the new technology, they can study 13 genes at the rate of eight patients a week. While CMC is doing the test for 10 genes free of cost, the test at Mohan's Diabetes Centre will cost between Rs 10,000 and 15,000.
Doctors say the new technology could change the course of treatment for a person with diabetes. "Since it is cheaper we are able to conduct more tests and as a result we are discovering rare forms of Mody. Recently, we detected four cases of Mody 6. Across the world, there is published research of only five cases. There are so many more waiting to be discovered," said Dr Nihal Thomas, professor and head, department of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, CMC. In India, there are around 70 million people with diabetes.

Add nuts to your diet for sake of health, longevity

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The fat content of nuts alone could account for their ability to support heart health. The fat content of nuts alone could account for their ability to support heart health.
SUMMARYAll nuts are powerhouses of biologically active substances, most of which are known to protect and promote health.
Nuts to you! No, that’s not an insult. It’s a recommendation to add nuts to your diet for the sake of health and longevity.
Consistent evidence for the health benefits of nuts has been accumulating since the early 1990s. Frequent nut consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of major chronic diseases, including heart and blood vessel disorders and Type 2 diabetes.
The newest and most convincing findings, reported last month in The New England Journal of Medicine, come from the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, which together have followed nearly 119,000 women and men for decades. Both studies repeatedly recorded what the participants ate and analysed their diets in relation to the causes of death among the 27,429 people who died since the studies began.
The more often nuts were consumed, the less likely participants were to die of cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease, and not because nut eaters succumbed to other diseases. Their death rate from any cause was lower during the years they were followed. (The nuts in question were pistachios, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, peanuts and walnuts.)
I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t nuts fattening? Yes, an ounce of nuts has 160 to 200 calories, nearly 80 per cent from fat.
But in study after study, the more often people ate nuts, the leaner they tended to be.
For example, in a Mediterranean study that tracked the effect of nut consumption on weight gain over the course of 28 months, frequent nut consumers gained less weight than those who never ate nuts, and were 43 per cent less likely to become overweight or obese.
How is that possible? First, nuts may be taking the place of other high-calorie snacks, like chips, cookies and candy. And nut eaters may be less likely to snack, period; the fat, fiber and protein in nuts suppresses hunger between meals.
Second, the body may treat calories from nuts differently from those in other high-carbohydrate foods. Third, nut eaters may pursue a healthier lifestyle and burn more calories through exercise.