positive attitude

live example of positive attitude!

The man that you are seeing in the photo below is Rhushi Prasad
assistant professor in mechanical
department in an Engineering college.
 In the year 2010,I had to go  to thatcollege for examination
work My allotment letter had the name of Rhushi Prasad as my co- examiner .I had never met  him before and So  l some how
managed to get his mobile number
Started driving my car to reach that college,but  when  I was half way through I got confused about the  road .So I called him and he said he will come with his car to take me to the college. 

He came in his car and asked me to follow his car. I tried to follow the car in my car but he was driving the car  like a race car driverstarted thinking that he must be a Strong man with good control over his legs, so that he can operate clutch, break and accelerator pedals at high speed to drive the car in such a way!
With difficulty I  followed his car and reached
the college. 
When he got down from  his car, I was Surprised  to see that his right leg was almost inactive! When I enquired about it I came to know the following interesting and heart touching  facts.

He was ( and is!) a fan of car driving 
He is diabetic and few months ago his right leg was cut, probably because of a wrong diagnosis. 
He never lost his enthusiasm.He went for artificial dummy leg and he practiced walking for 2 months .
But it was impossible to drive the car
with that artificial leg. But  his zeal  for driving  car never stopped . With his mechanical engineering Knowledge, he modified his car such  that  the
break was operated  by left hand  as shown in Fig the accelerator was modified  like a motor bike and that also is   the work of left hand! Right hand is used only for steering the car! 
Break pedal is operated by the lever by left hand.

Accelerator is modified like a 2 wheeler, rotating type, operated by left hand and wrist
I  was almost in tears but  he showed all these things to me with a smile on his face as if nothing had happened! 
He was doing PhD in the field of solar energy and was about to get his doctorate in about six months. He is very active in arranging seminarsexhibitions etc in his college.
Photo here shows his involvement in conducting solar energy awareness seminar cum exhibition in the college.
We will make a big issue when we get a Small Scratch on our skin or dent on our vehicle but real achievers will steer through the difficulties and reach the goal without caring for losses! THIS IS THE REAL POSITIVE ATTITUDE!