Zen smart mobile for less than 2000INR

credit: from NVONEWS.

Zen Mobile to launch low cost Firefox handsets this month. This is going to come with similar specs as other Firefox smartphones launched thus far.
Zen Mobile is all set to come out with a dirt cheap smartphone running on Firefox operating system. The handset will be the fourth in the country and is expected to be priced below Rs 2000.
The handsets from Zen Mobile is coming out with matching specs and features compared to the three other Firefox handsets that were launched in the last few weeks by the likes of Spice, Intex and Alcatel.firefox phone zen mobile
This seems to be just the beginning. There are many other smartphone makers who are just waiting to see the response that the Firefox handsets get in the Indian market and then take the plunge. It is really amazing to see India’s top smartphone maker Micromax still not deciding to come out with such an inexpensive smartphone.
But its acceptability may remain limited given the fact that these handsets run on a new operating system and despite their very low pricing many people are still apprehensive about them. Another reason may be the fact that Android smartphones are also becoming very affordable. They are available for as low as less than Rs 4000 or even lower and people may find them more attractive given their ease of use and better specifications.
The new handset is set to arrive in the market before the end of October. The first handset to arrive in the market was Intex’s Cloud FX. The handset being sold at Rs 1999 got good response as the company was able to sell as many as 15,000 units of Cloud FX in just three days of launch.
Zen Mobile officials are visibly overjoyed. Deepesh Gupta of the company says, “Most of the buyers in India are still price conscious and most of them still find owning a smartphone very expensive… The new Firefox OS phone redefines the smartphone category, breaks new price barriers and makes it possible for a huge untapped Indian audience to now own a smartphone.” Li Gong, President of Mozilla, said, “The expansion of Firefox OS into a brand new category of smartphones, along with the continued growth of new form factors holds great promise for the adoption of open Web technology and for enabling millions more people to access the Web.”