Developing country and developed country.

In the present world scenario, every developing country looks at a developed country and thinks that it is some 20 or 30 years behind. This kind of a trend is a big disadvantage! It makes all the developing countries to develop only in one particular direction only. Each developing country should think the new method of development and should not blindly follow a developed country. This brings new and different methods and technologies to the world. It also wipes out the concept of a gap between developed and developing country. This is because; there cannot be a meaning for a gap when each country is going in a different direction.
A mango tree yields mangos and a papaya tree yields papaya. There cannot be a comparison of on ahead of the other. Each one is contributing to the world in its own way.
There may be some basic common thing but no country should simply copy the other country. It is resulting in a monotonous world.
This new method will make each country to develop in its own way which is best suited for the people of that country. Also, the talent and ability of persons in each country will be different. So, this new concept will bring out faster development and a more people friendly atmosphere.