photographing pet animals

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Photographing pets
Pet animals will be with us most of the time when we are free. It will be moving and giving different poses at times. So, it is good to try out photographing. Only very few animals can give pose when we want them to do so. That means we have to move with them, take lots of photos and select the right one.
Here, I have selected a cat. We have to feed the animal as and when required and I also tried it.
After drinking lot of milk, cat quietly sat in that pose. I clicked several photos. At times it used to close eyes and , if that is also appealing, we can take that photo also.
Some times it will sit in a direction opposite to light! Then again we have to tempt the animal cat with milk, so that it drinks and possibly sits in a different place and direction.
Now you also can try it. Beat of luck!