Illusion of Dignity.

About 40 years ago, i was in my 7th standard.
I can still remember an event about Dignity.
There was a very rich man ,living in a grand house
by the side of our school. He was having about 8 cars.
One day, there was an opening ceremony of a Big bank.
That Bank was opposite to The rich mans house.
He was invited to inaugurate the Bank, as a chief guest.
The width of the road was 80 feet. So, from his house, he has to
travel about 80 feet to the bank.

He started from his house in ONE OF THE COSTLY CAR.
When he reached half of the width of the road,
for which he took 30 seconds, the welcome committee
of the bank came and he got down from the car!

He thought that to travel to the other side of the road
by Car, is a mark of dignity.
He should have walked and showed simplicity!.
This is the Disadvantage of pseudo Dignity.