BenQ Eye-care range of ultra-slim, flicker-free monitors launched in India

office-painBenQ on Thursday launched its range of ‘Eye-care’ ultra slim monitors with low blue LED light mode, flicker-free backlight, super resolution, and mobile-to-big-screen mobile high definition link (MHL) connectivity.
The complete range of Eye-care monitors – which include EW2440L, EW2740L, GW2760HS, VL2040AZ – for home and entertainment purpose are priced in the range of Rs. 6,900 to Rs. 25,000.
‘BenQ has eliminated flicker from monitors and have included different modes, which cut glare and significantly reduce blue LED light emissions that have shown to be detrimental to the eye,’ BenQ India Country Head Rajeev Singh said.
It’s a matter of ‘eyegonomics’, which makes the range superior in terms of eye comfort and general optical health, he added.
The new product line-up is perfect for consumers seeking a compelling experience that couples superb aesthetics with flicker-free technology eliminating flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reducing eye fatigue which can cause Computer Vision Syndrome, Singh said.
Computer Vision Syndrome is a very real condition, impacting countless Indians who have little choice but to subject their eyes to the ongoing glare of a computer screen as part of the modern work day, he added. (Read: Computer Vision Syndrome – expert advice)
Quoting National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH, the US) statistics, Singh said over 90 percent of the people are suffering from CVS as they spend three or more hours on computer in a single stretch.
BenQ claims the new monitors boast of a sophisticated minimalistic appeal with an ultra slim bezel, an exclusively designed and patented smartphone holder and seamless IO port integration.
It also features MHL, the next-generation HD connection, allowing audio-visual enthusiasts to connect their smartphones and gain access to a wide range of mobile content, from documents and photos to full-HD videos, Singh said. (Read: Natural remedies for better eyesight)
What is Computer Vision Syndrome?
Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a condition which is ever-present in today’s urban population who spend all days on their laptops or computers. Viewing a computer screen often makes the eyes work harder than normal. The unique characteristics and high visual demands of working on computers make individuals susceptible to various vision related conditions.
How is working on computers more strenuous than say reading a book?
Viewing a computer screen is very different than reading a printed page. Often the letters on the computer screen are not as precise or sharply defined, the level of contrast of the letters to the background is reduced, and the presence of glare and reflections on the screen may make viewing difficult. Different distances and angles also result in aggravating the issue. Even minor vision problems can turn into major ones due to protracted computer use. Even people who have an eyeglass or contact lens prescription may find it’s not suitable for the specific viewing distances of their computer screen.  In fact along with eye conditions, the posture we use laptops in can result in muscle spasms or pain in the neck, shoulder or back. (Read: Modern life playing havoc with people’s eyes!)
With inputs from PTI
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